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Introduction to teaching hydrology (co-organized)
Convener: Claudia Teutschbein  | Co-Conveners: Lieke Melsen , Martine Rutten 
Wed, 15 Apr, 13:30–15:00

In cooperation with the Young Hydrologic Society (

Most young hydrologists will sooner or later be asked to teach a course at their department, even though they rarely had education in teaching skills. Therefore, most young researchers learn how to teach directly in the classroom, using their undergraduate students as test subjects. If you're planning on teaching in a university environment, steepen your learning curve by participating in this expert discussion about teaching in hydrology. This interactive workshop provides some valuable teaching advice for young hydrologists, gives you the opportunity to develop your knowledge of university pedagogy and helps to get an idea how your professional role as future hydrology teacher could develop. The workshop content is grounded in theories of teaching/learning within higher education as well as in the practical experience of a group of hydrology experts.
With this workshop we want to provide a platform for a lively discussion on how hydrology education can be approached. Overall, a mixture of generally agreed-on principles and personal insights and recommendations will be presented.
The course includes roundtable discussions (mini-workshops) in smaller groups, therefore the number of participants (selected on a first come – first serve basis) is limited depending on the room size.

Target audience: We highly encourage MSc students, PhD candidates and early career postdoctoral researchers to attend this event, as it provides a great opportunity for young hydrologists to become more aware of current and future challenges in education, and to discuss and identify best practices.

While you do not have to pre-register, you are now invited to propose specific topics for discussion and/or questions under the event theme for the experts in an email to or one of the session conveners.


(1) Prof. Thorsten Wagener
University of Bristol, UK
"The philosophy of the Modular Curriculum for Hydrologic Advancement (MOCHA)"

(2) Prof. Allan Rodhe
Uppsala University, Sweden
"Physical models for activating the students in classroom teaching – simple equipment can be used for basic and advanced discussions"

(3) Dr. Martine Rutten
TU Delft, The Netherlands
"Follow the learning cycle: inductive and deductive teaching"