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Geophysics and Resilience, what is at stake?
Convener: Daniel Schertzer  | Co-Conveners: V. Chandrasekar , Nakatani Tsuyoshi 
 / Thu, 16 Apr, 13:30–17:00

The mushrooming number of publications and, European and international projects, devoted to increasing resilience to extreme geophysical extremes highlights the fact resilience to geophysical extremes has become a very popular subject. The subject is inherently transdisciplinary, in the sense that it considers the monitoring of ecosystems, as well as the design and management of artificial systems such as cities and other complex networks (mobility, communication and energy). Moreover, the subject must also take into account the full palette of geophysical extremes: earthquakes, extreme weather, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. A further difficulty is that resilience addresses not only the physico-environmental component of these systems, but also their socio-economical component; requiring also for example, social experiments. It is agreed in general that to efficiently increase resilience one needs to clarify what is really at stake — its operational definition(s), its possible metrics and/or its multiscale nature.
This session will therefore solicit papers that critically analyse large-scale projects that have been developed in order to increase resilience in Europe and elsewhere. This includes as well research papers focused on theoretical questions related to resilience, including its formalisation.