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Starting a ClimateSnack/Scisnack writing group (public)
Convener: Mathew Stiller-Reeve 
Thu, 16 Apr, 12:15–13:15

ClimateSnack/Scisnack is an international community of young and early career scientists working together to improve their writing and communication skills. Over the past two years, ClimateSnack members have started several writing groups at universities and research institutes around the world. In these groups, the members discuss and suggest writing ideas and structures. Once someone has written a post, he or she reads it out aloud at the next meeting. The rest of the group then discusses, gives feedback and suggests improvements. Once the author has updated the post, he or she publishes it on the ClimateSnack website. Through this process, ClimateSnackers improve their writing, critical reading, and communication skills in a safe and fun environment.

At this meeting, we will discuss how a ClimateSnack writing group can be set up, how it works and how it can benefit members. We invite anyone who is interested in the ClimateSnack concept, especially early career scientists. ClimateSnack is transitioning to SciSnack, so we invite scientists for all disciplines, not just Climate-related research!