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Statistics applied to Soil Science
Convener: Nicasio T Jiménez-Morillo 
Fri, 17 Apr, 10:30–12:00

In general science, and particularly in soil science, collection of data experimental design are as important as an adequate statistical treatment in order to obtain solid results. Statistics is the analysis of a representative data sample, trying to explain the correlations and dependencies of a natural phenomenon. Consequently, statistics has become a key tool for scientific research.
One of the major problems that young soil science scientists face at the beginning of their careers is how to treat information obtained in field and laboratory experiments and how to analyze and model it. Statistics is a very broad science, with many branches, which make it very complex and sometimes unapproachable to those found for the first time with this issue.
This short course aims at familiarization and introduction of statistics methods in specific cases. Specially, part of the course will focus in the R system (GNU S) for the anslysis of time series and fuzzy logic modeling. Other statistical methodologies will be discussed in this course.