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World Heritage Perspectives and the Chaîne des Puys and Limagne Fault Project
Convener: Benjamin van Wyk de Vries 
Mon, 13 Apr, 19:00–20:00

The Chaîne des Puy and Limagne Fault World Heritage Project was accepted to have Outstanding Universal Value by the 38th UNESCO World Heritage committee in 2014. This result was founded on extensive international geoscience support. As a consequence of this support, the World Heritage Committee called for a complete GeoHeritage review at UNESCO, echoing a widening gap between the geological community and UNESCO's mandated NGOs. The gap is about 1) what geological elements are outstanding for science and heritage; 2) who is competent to assess; 3) management and compatibility of humans in geoheritage sites. We will share our experience on geoheritage and World Heritage geosciences, inviting the wide geosciences community that has supported the innovative Chaine des Puy and Limagne Fault World Heritage Project and all other interested parties.