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Short course: Use of 3D point clouds in Geosciences: Acquisition, Processing and Applications
Convener: Antonio Abellan  | Co-Conveners: Dario Carrea , Florian Humair , Antoine Guerin , Marc-Henri Derron , Michel Jaboyedoff 
Mon, 13 Apr, 17:30–20:00

This course is oriented to Early Stage Researchers interested into the use of LiDAR and photogrammetric techniques to different applications in Geosciences.

Nowadays, the widespread use of 3D datasets is opening up new possibilities for improving the characterization, modelling and prediction of several phenomena and processes related with Geomorphology, Natural Hazards and Structural geology. Some applications include ground surface displacements, soil erosion, structural analysis, lithological mapping, etc. Nevertheless, the methods and procedures for processing and analysing these high quality data are still under development. Several examples of 3D point cloud analysis, software and applications will be shown during the course.

Introduction to course + speakers
1. Short introduction to LiDAR sensors + photogrammetry
2. Point cloud acquisition, pre-processing and available software
3. 3D geological mapping
.....15 min. break + aperitif/icebreaker.........
4. Rock structural characterisation
5. Monitoring: Change detection + Deformation
6. Perspectives and discussion

The power points of the course and some RAW 3D point clouds will be uploaded in the website of our institute some days before the beginning of the short course:

Finally, we also want to account with your vision: in case you'll be interested in contributing for the last part of our course ("6. Perspectives and discussion"), you can contact us and send us your contribution..

See you on Monday!

Public information: You are invited to assist to the Short Course SC41: "Use of 3D point clouds in Geosciences: Acquisition, Processing and Applications" on Monday 13th April 17:30–19:30 / Room B7