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Scientific drilling of the Mediterranean Salt Giant (public)
Convener: Judith A. McKenzie  | Co-Conveners: Giovanni Aloisi , Angelo Camerlenghi , Christian Huebscher , Junichiro Kuroda , Johanna Lofi 
Thu, 16 Apr, 10:30–12:00

UNCOVERING A SALT GIANT is an international initiative to conduct a multi-phase drilling project to unravel one of Earth Sciences most fascinating enigmas. The aim of this splinter meeting is to update the interested scientific community on the progress that has been made towards achieving this goal to uncover a salt giant with presentations by leaders of the initiative, including the Deep-sea Record of Mediterranean Messinian Events (DREAM).

Session Programme:
MPD Proposal "Uncovering a Salt Giant" (857-MDP2). Status. A. Camerlenghi.
Proposal Probing connections between deep earth and surface processes in a land-locked ocean basin transformed into a giant saline basin: Mediterranean DREAM-GOLD (857A-). Status and plans. M. Rabineau.
Plans for pre-proposal submission: DREAM: Deep-Sea Records of the MSC. J. Lofi.
Status of scientific objectives on Probing the Salt Giant for its Deep Biosphere secrets. V. Aloisi, J. Kuroda.
Status of Site Survey data and needs. A. Camerlenghi, J. Lofi.
COST Action Proposal Uncovering the Mediterranean Salt GIant (MEDSALT). A. Camerlenghi.
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