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Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism and magnetic fabrics applied to tectonics and volcanic processes (co-organized)
Convener: Juan José Villalaín  | Co-Conveners: Martin Chadima , Matej Machek , Joaquim Luis , Pedro Silva 
 / Wed, 20 Apr, 15:30–19:00
 / Attendance Tue, 19 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Paleomagnetic, oceanic magnetic anomaly and magnetic fabric studies are efficient tools to increase our knowledge about tectonic and/or volcanic processes from macro to micro scales. The application of magnetic methods combined with field geology, structural geology and petrology proved to have high potential in solving research questions in numerous geological settings. This session is meant as a “comeback” of classical rock magnetism. It is intended to give the opportunity to present innovative works based in experimental, theoretical and numerical rock magnetic techniques aimed directly to geological applications. Plate tectonic reconstructions, acquisition of petrofabrics in distinct tectonic settings, assessment of the nature of volcanic edifices and related hazards, geodynamic processes in mountain belts and in areas of complex and distributed deformation, are some of the encouraged and welcome applications.