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New approaches to digital environmental models
Convener: Miquel Ninyerola  | Co-Convener: Lluís Pesquer 
 / Attendance Wed, 20 Apr, 17:30–19:00

The session aims to focus on understanding, analysing and improving each step of the process chain for producing digital environmental surface grids (terrain, climate, vegetation, etc.) able to be used in SBA applications for addressing different global change issues: from the sensors (in situ as well as Earth Observation data) to the map dissemination. In this context, topics as data acquisition/ingestion, data assimilation, data processing, data homogenization, uncertainty and quality controls, spatial interpolation methods, spatial analysis tools, derived metrics, downscaling techniques, box-tools, improvements on metadata and web map services would be quite considered. Also, spatio-temporal analyses of large series of environmental data and corresponding auxiliary Earth Observation data are specially invited.
Studies which combine cartography, GIS, remote sensing, spatial statistics and geocomputing would be especially welcome. A rigorous informatics and computational treatment would be required in all topics.