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Advances in Understanding of the Multi-Disciplinary Dynamics of the Southern European Seas (Mediterranean and Black Sea)
Convener: Marilaure Grégoire  | Co-Conveners: Samuel Somot , Emil Stanev , Gianmaria Sannino , Emin Özsoy , Ananda Pascual , Christiaan van Baak , Timothy W. Lyons , Liviu Giosan 
 / Wed, 20 Apr, 13:30–17:00
 / Attendance Wed, 20 Apr, 17:30–19:00

The session would like to overview recent developments and understanding, by observations and modelling, of the Southern European Seas (SES) general circulation, their ecosystems and biogeochemical fluxes. Themes of particular interest are:

Interaction of scales and processes in the SES: hydrodynamic and ecosystem interactions at multiple temporal and spatial scales (including at (sub) mesoscale), coastal processes and shelf-open sea interactions, straits dynamics, ocean response to atmospheric forcing, impact of environmental conditions on the biogeographic structure of biota, biodiversity and ecosystem functions from local to regional scales.

Assessing, understanding and predicting the potential impact of climate change in the SES: long term trends, occurrence of extreme events, impact on the ecosystems and associated biogeochemical cycles, development of downscaled models at basin and regional scales, novel approaches to model marine ecosystems, ecosystem functions and biodiversity.

Multi-platform Observing System in the SES: development of new sensors, scale of interests, development of advanced methodologies for upscaling local information, new satellite products, processes that need to be monitored, needs for new data.
Science-based Integrated management of the SES: development of advanced methodologies in order to implement an Ecosystem Approach for the sustainable management of the SES and to provide sound recommendations for marine spatial planning, the implementation of conservation plans and the mapping of the habitat in a globally changing environment.