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The contribution of multidisciplinary approaches for supporting slope stability models and enhancing their reliability (co-organized)
Convener: Laura Coco  | Co-Conveners: Giovanna Vessia , Sara Amoroso , Chiara Cappadonia , Mauro Rossi 
 / Wed, 20 Apr, 08:30–10:00

Slope stability is one of the main concern of geomorphological and geotechnical studies. The information abundance of geomorphological and geomechanical data drawn from many different methods and devices, e.g., field investigations, satellite and photographic data, poses the need of a multidisciplinary approach to manage large datasets, their spatial distribution and the related uncertainties related to them. The most part of geomorphological studies is to generate stability models that, using the main instability factors for the actual landforms, allow to predict the possible temporal evolution of the slope shape and stability. For a comprehensive understanding of slope instability causes and evolution, multidisciplinary procedures are needed to combine different types of measures and stability calculation methodologies. This is a challenging task for integrating many disciplines, such as geomorphology, geotechnics, remote sensing, GIS, mathematics and statistics. Moreover, a multidisciplinary approach enables to estimate the reliability of slope models and their effects on the stability assessments.
In this session contributions devoted to discuss, compare and evaluate multidisciplinary studies undertaken to reconstruct and predict the slopes stability processes and theirs effects on urbanized territories and natural environment are warmly welcome.