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Quantifying hydro-mechanical and hydro-chemical processes accompanying hydraulic stimulation of deep geothermal reservoirs
Convener: Thomas Mueller  | Co-Convener: Joerg Renner 
 / Tue, 19 Apr, 13:30–15:00

Evaluation and exploration of deep geothermal reservoirs is challenging, as many factors, such as in-situ fracture geometry and its development with fluid injection or production, extent of chemical fluid-rock interaction, and other process variables, are poorly constrained. Various tools, such as seismic imaging, pumping tests, drill logs give information to a certain extent and on different scales, but a quantitative understanding of small-scale (µm – m) processes and upscaling their effect to length scales relevant for a reservoir (dm – km) in its entirety remain elusive.
This session is based, but not limited to the integrated “SHynergie“ project developing a virtual process-orientated geo-mechanical laboratory for hydraulic stimulation of geothermal reservoirs based on experiments and modelling. SHynergie is a multidisciplinary project and we aim to bring together experts from various fields working on the mechanical-chemical feedback occurring during hydraulic stimulation of reservoir rocks to promote cross-disciplinary discussions in the framework of the PICO session and beyond.