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Short course: How to write and publish your research in Soil Science journals and new dynamic reference projects (co-organized)
Convener: Artemi Cerdà  | Co-Conveners: Eric C. Brevik , Erik Cammeraat , Allan Graubard , Daniel Gimenez 
Thu, 21 Apr, 17:30–19:00

The publication of scientific research is needed to disseminate knowledge, to exchange new findings and to contribute to the progress of science and societies. Writing is a key skill for the career of young scientists, and publishing will be definitive to the scientific knowledge and the promotion of young scientists. This course will show the current State-of-the-Art of the publishing system and also discuss successful strategies to writing and publishing.


5' Welcome and purposes of the course. Artemi Cerdà.
15' Publishing in Open Access journals: SOIL. Eric Brevik.
15' Publishing and writing in the soil-water-biota-landforms research topic with success. CATENA. Erik Cammeraat.
15' Web-based content, books, and new synergies through major, dynamic reference projects. Oxford University Press, Reference. Allan Graubard.