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Hydrology Pop-Ups: Sharing failures, lessons learned and new ideas | PICO
Conveners: Tim van Emmerik , Hannes Müller-Thomy , Anne Fangmann , Ina Pohle  | Co-Conveners: Uwe Haberlandt , Jan Seibert , Giulia Vico , Manuel F. Rios Gaona 
 / Mon, 18 Apr, 15:30–17:00

Many important lessons hydrologists learn do not necessarily come straight out of the best cited papers. Instead, most of us learn by doing, failing, or getting ideas from others. This session provides scientists the opportunity to communicate their experiences or new ideas to the community.

Presenters will e.g. draw lessons from decades of hydrological modeling, critically review the way we model now, show what we can learn from comparing case studies, and share their ideas for pushing hydrological sciences forward.

The PICO-style type of presentation is chosen to involve a high number of presentations, and to enable profound discussion afterwards. Please note that although this session is a PICO session, oral presentations will be scheduled for 5 minutes (not 2 minutes as with standard PICO sessions). For the interactive discussion part after the oral presentations, we ask the authors to be creative - almost everything is allowed, as long as it backs your story!

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