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Impacts of land-use/land-cover change and disturbances on carbon cycling: assessing management and policy effects and implications across countries
Convener: Todd Hawbaker  | Co-Convener: Zhiliang Zhu 
 / Mon, 18 Apr, 10:30–12:00

Policies and management actions influencing the rates and magnitude of land-use/land-cover change (LULCC) and disturbances can potentially shift the ability of ecosystems to act as carbon sinks and understanding when and where policies and management actions have increased C sequestration rates and enhanced the provisioning of other ecosystem services is critical to developing climate change mitigation strategies as climate change will soon past an irreversible tipping point. The goal of this session is to gather a diverse group of international scientists studying past and future potential patterns of LULCC and disturbances, their impacts on carbon stocks and fluxes, how they have been influenced by past (or could potentially be influenced by future) policy and management actions. This session will emphasize real-world examples of successful policy and management actions that can provide valuable lessons learned for other countries and can help inform the range of future policy and management actions available to them. Invited speakers include those whom are part of an ongoing collaboration comparing and contrasting different LULCC and fire regimes and their carbon impacts in Northern Asia and North America, but speakers conducting research in other regions and countries would be welcomed too.