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Multiple archives and climate reconstructions – towards a better integration
Convener: Bernhard Lucke  | Co-Conveners: Claire Rambeau , Christoph Mayr , Elke Hertig 
 / Attendance Wed, 20 Apr, 17:30–19:00

A plethora of climate reconstructions from different archives at different scales exist for the Late Quaternary, but records are sometimes difficult to compare for various reasons. The different types of archives and models are all characterized by their specific nature, such as temporal and spatial resolution, sensitivity and precision. Apparently conflicting results may therefore be inherent to the methodology used. How to integrate multiple, and potentially contradictory, archives into a coherent ensemble should therefore be more thoroughfully investigated.

Furthermore, since climate reconstructions and modelling are closely connected, more effort should be put in calculating or estimating parameters to be used in climate models, based on paleo-environmental and ­climate archives (e.g., establishment of transfer functions).

We invite contributions presenting Quaternary paleoenvironmental and ­climate reconstructions based on any climate archives or models which particularly focus on apparently conflicting results with previous or other reconstructions, or on comparisons of different archive types. On the basis of the submissions, we will attempt to discuss how integrating different archives and comparing climate models and reconstructions, might offer a way forward towards conciliate seemingly contradictory data and develop (or improve) data/model transfer methods.