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Ocean mesoscale extremes: Governing Processes and Implications for the Marine Ecosystem and Biogeochemistry
Convener: Carolin Löscher  | Co-Conveners: Johannes Karstensen , Annette Samuelsen , Marcela Cornejo 
 / Mon, 18 Apr, 10:30–12:00

The non-linear dynamics associated with mesoscale eddies can drive intense redistribution of properties in the ocean which in turn can create extremes on the mesoscale. The impact of these sub-mesoscale processes is particularly evident in marine ecosystems and biogeochemistry. Recent progress in observing technology (sensors, data integration from multiple systems, high resolution sampling) and in high resolution, coupled biogeochemical modelling allow to detect and investigate the functioning of mesoscale eddies in much greater detail than in the past. This session calls for contributions that investigate sub-mesoscale dynamics and biogeochemical and ecosystem responses related to mesoscale eddies. The studies we call for may cover the whole “life cycle” of eddies, from their generation at frontal zones to their dispersion and the release of the local anomalies. We invite submissions based on observational data analysis as well as data from model simulations. In particular studies investigating ecosystem and biogeochemical extremes created in mesoscale eddies are welcome. Likewise, we look forward to receive submissions about numerical model simulations as well as conceptual model approaches in the context of submesoscale processes.