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Interplays between the solid Earth and the hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere
Convener: Laurent Husson  | Co-Conveners: Peter van der Beek , Pierre Sepulchre , Yannick Donnadieu 
 / Wed, 20 Apr, 08:30–12:00

The morphology of the Earth results from the interplay between the Solid Earth and its superficial counterpart, which includes the hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere. To a vast extent, geodynamics controls the shape of the Earth, including the horizontal and vertical geometries of oceans and continents. In turns, this changing morphology alters oceanic and atmospheric circulation, and ultimately environments in which life evolves. Reciprocally, the "external spheres" can for instance modulate the surface boundary conditions or change the chemistry of the oceanic reservoirs, and thus exert feedbacks on the internal Earth. We welcome contributions from all fields that track the interplay between the solid Earth on the superficial Earth and reciprocally, at all timescales. We are also interested in multidisciplinary approaches, including biogeosciences, climate sciences and geodynamics, that aim at quantifying the biotic and climatic responses to tectonics.