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Climate/Geomorphology workshop for early career scientists: Using Bayesian modelling for integrating geochronologies
Convener: Julie Durcan  | Co-Conveners: Emma Shuttleworth , Rachel Smedley 
Thu, 21 Apr, 17:30–19:00

In an era of science which uses numerical models to better understand the physical processes occurring on Earth, there is an increasing demand for robust empirical datasets to constrain simulations. Developing robust empirical datasets often involves the use of multiple, independent geochronological techniques, however it is often a challenge to integrate geochronological information provided by different techniques. A Bayesian sequence model offers the opportunity to integrate geochronology based on stratigraphical or geomorphological relationships between samples, and Bayesian modelling is an established approach used for radiocarbon dating, which has emerged as a useful tool in the study of climatic, environmental and geomorphological processes. Professor Richard Chiverrel is a Professor in Physical Geography at the University of Liverpool and in this session, he will share his broad experience of the use of Bayesian modelling and it's application in a range of geomorphological settings and to climates of the past.