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Theory and application of the REVEALS model for pollen-based quantitative reconstructions of land cover
Convener: Marie-Jose Gaillard 
Tue, 19 Apr, 08:30–12:00

The short course has the goal to provide theoretical and hands-on basics for the application of the REVEALS model (Sugita, 2007, The Holocene) using fossil pollen records to reconstruct land cover in % cover of plant taxa (or groups of plant taxa). This course is an initiative of the PAGES LandCover6k working group LandCOver6k has also a session of lectures BG2.19/SSS3.7 at the EGU Assembly this year. LandCover6k has the goal to provide data on land-cover and land-use change at the global scale for climate modellers. The model REVEALS is one of the methods used in LandCover6k. WE see the EGU 2016 as a perfect opportunity to gather together palynologists or other experts present at the Conference and interested in contributing to LandCover6k, and provide them with the basics to be able to use the REVEALS model. I cannot find the schedule of sessions. If possible we would like the short course time slots at OTHER times than the LandCover6k session BG2.19/SSS3.7.