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Assess the fitness for use or adequacy of the existing marine monitoring system (public)
Convener: Giuseppe M.R. Manzella 
Wed, 20 Apr, 12:15–13:15

It is proposed to have a Splinter meeting at the EGU general assembly 2016 organized by the partneship of the EMODnet MedSea Checkpoint ( and ).
The objectives are:
• to raise awareness on the concept of EMODnet Regional Checkpoints, i.e. activities connected to marine monitoring system assessment based upon Blu Growth applications;
• to receive feedbacks from a large research community pool on the partial results of the Checkpoints.

The analysis of the users feedback will allow the improvement of methodologies and indicators used for the assessment.

The overall aim of the ‘Regional CheckPoints’ is to assess the fitness for use or adequacy of the existing monitoring system at regional basin level in terms of use cases.
This involves the development of a CheckPoint service making available information on monitoring data and fitness for use indicators.The basic assessment methodology consists of:
• the establishment of a framework for collection of information related to input data sets required by the Challenge applications or targeted products. The end product is the creation of a metadatabase or CheckPoint information database;
• the definition of objective assessment criteria for the production of adequacy indicators;
The adequacy indicators are subdivided into two categories:
1. availability indicators pointing out how the input data sets are made available to the users;
2. appropriateness indicators showing the suitability of the input data to build the targeted products.

Organizers: S.Simoncelli, G.Manzella, N.Pinardi (INGV, IT)

Scientific Steering Committee:
Giuseppe Manzella
Simona Simoncelli
Federico Falcini
Gianna Fabi
David March
Chara P Kyriakidou