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Funding strategies for the COSC-2 scientific drilling project (public)
Conveners: Henning Lorenz , Christopher Juhlin 
Wed, 20 Apr, 19:00–20:00

The COSC (Collisional Orogeny in the Scandinavian Caledonides) scientific drilling project focuses on the study of mountain building processes in a major Paleozoic orogen. The intention with the second drill hole, COSC-2, is to sample a complete section from the Lower Paleozoic sedimentary section through the basal Caledonian detachment and into the underlying basement of the Fennoscandian Shield.
In January 2016, a full proposal was submitted to the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program. However, substantial additional funding will be necessary to finance the COSC-2 operational costs and science. In this splinter meeting, we will discuss funding strategies and plan for proposals. All scientists with an interest in COSC are welcome.