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PMIP Last Deglaciation Working Group
Convener: Ruza Ivanovic 
Mon, 18 Apr, 12:15–15:00

This Splinter Meeting is for Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project (PMIP) Last Deglaciation Working Group, which aims to coordinate transient simulations of the last deglaciation and facilitate the dissemination of expertise between modellers and those engaged with reconstructing the climate of the last 21 thousand years.

The purpose of the meeting is to establish everyone’s plans for running simulations of the last deglaciation (21-9 ka); to suggest and discuss the opt-in ‘focussed’ simulations (for example, of shorter time periods or abrupt events, testing individual hypotheses and understanding specific Earth System components); and to coordinate the analysis of the results, including the compilation of geological data and model-data comparisons. We will also provide a brief update on the working group’s Core experiment design and a planned workshop.