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Fault2SHA (by invitation only)
Convener: Oona Scotti 
Wed, 20 Apr, 19:00–20:00

The recently created informal working group Fault2SHA is devoted to creating a community discussion around the following key questions:
What is the best strategy to fill in the gap in knowledge and know-how in Europe when considering faults in seismic hazard assessments?
Are field geologists providing the relevant information for seismic hazard assessment?
Are seismic hazard analysts interpreting field data appropriately?
Is the full range of uncertainties associated with the characterization of faults correctly understood and propagated in the computations? How can fault-modellers contribute to a better representation of the long-term behaviour of fault-networks in seismic hazard studies?

We would like to profit from the community participating at the EGU meeting to see to what extent we could formalize the status of this working group and help formulate some common strategies to provide some answers to the questions posed.