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Global Flood Partnership Meeting (public)
Conveners: Feyera Hirpa , Beatriz Revilla-Romero 
Wed, 20 Apr, 13:30–15:00

The Global Flood Partnership ( is a network of several organizations working on global flood risk reduction co-chaired by the Joint Research Centre and the Dartmouth Flood Observatory. It was established with a goal of developing an operational flood observational and modelling infrastructure for better predicting and managing flood disaster impacts and flood risk globally. The partnership plays a key role in bringing together the already existing systems (e.g., models, software, algorithms), observations (e.g., flood records, impacts), and end-users (e.g., disaster response organizations) in order to create a better flood awareness and coordinate an effective flood disaster response. In particular, the JRC is chairing the GFP Service and Tool box. This meeting takes place to discuss recent advances in the GFP Service and Tool box. The discussion will be kicked off with a presentation on the use of satellite remote sensing data for global flood forecasting applications by B. Revilla Romero followed by a discussion with the participants. The second part of the meeting addresses organizational issues of the Global Flood Partnership 2016 Conference meeting which is scheduled to take place in June. The details of the GFP conference organization will be discussed at EGU meeting.