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Advances in integrating ice core, marine and terrestrial records and their timescales (INTIMATE and IntCal) (co-organized)
Convener: Christine Lane  | Co-Conveners: Edouard Bard , Achim Brauer , Irka Hajdas , Timothy Heaton , W.Z. Hoek , Alan Hogg , Raimund Muscheler , Christof Pearce , David Richards , Didier Roche 
 / Fri, 28 Apr, 10:30–12:00
 / Attendance Fri, 28 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Extending instrumental records using well-dated, quantified palaeoenvironmental and palaeoclimate data from ice-core, marine and terrestrial records, is critical to understanding and modelling the timing, mechanisms and impacts of past and future climate change. Recent improvements in radiocarbon calibration and methods for correlation of independently dated archives have revealed both spatial and temporal climate variability on decadal to millennial timescales. Such findings provide key insights into complex drivers, feedbacks and responses operating within the global climate system. With a focus on records from the last 60,000 years, this session co-organised by the INTIMATE network and IntCal, invites contributions that address: the integration of data from diverse palaeo-archives using robust chronological techniques; developments and applications in radiocarbon calibration; novel palaeoclimate modelling approaches and results; research into the nature and variability of past climate change and impacts on the environment. For further information on INTIMATE and IntCal research, see: and