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Climate change and its impacts in the Baltic and North Sea regions: Observations and model projections
Convener: Marcus Reckermann  | Co-Conveners: Corinna Schrum , Markus Quante , Markus Meier 
 / Thu, 27 Apr, 10:30–12:00

Regional climate change assessment reports for the Baltic (BACC I and II) and North Sea regions (NOSCCA) have now been established as independent regional compilations of the available published knowledge on observed and modeled future regional climate change, including ecological, environmental and socio-economic impacts. These assessments are similar to the global IPCC reports but emphasize on the regional scale and draw upon the knowledge of regional experts.
This session invites contributions which touch on any of the aspects of the Baltic and North Sea regional climate assessments (but need not be part of them), i.e. past, current and projected future climate change in the atmosphere, hydrology, marine systems, cryosphere and coastal zones, as well as observed and projected impacts on ecosystems and socio-economic systems, i.e. marine and freshwater ecosystems and biogeochemistry, coastal and terrestrial ecosystems, fisheries, agriculture and forestry, urban areas, coastal management, offshore energy, air quality and recreation. Also, studies on specific drivers of regional climate change, e.g. aerosols and land cover, are very welcome.
Aim of this session should be to present a good overview over the current knowledge of climate change and its impacts in the Baltic and North Sea regions, and also to look at the regional differences between these highly utilized areas.