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Snow, snow cover processes and avalanche formation
Convener: Alec van Herwijnen  | Co-Conveners: Johan Gaume , Pascal Hagenmuller 
 / Mon, 24 Apr, 08:30–10:00

Snow avalanches threaten mountain communities worldwide. This session is devoted to the latest results on snow avalanche formation from field, laboratory and numerical studies. Key factors influencing snow avalanche formation are snow cover characteristics and meteorological boundary conditions (precipitation, wind, radiation etc.). Snow avalanche formation covers a wide range of scales from the bonds between snow crystals to the release of a snow slab avalanche. The practical application of avalanche formation is avalanche forecasting. Any contributions on mechanical properties and texture of snow, snow cover simulation, contributing factors (including drifting and blowing snow), spatial variability, snow slab release mechanics and avalanche forecasting are welcome. The session aims to improve our understanding of the formation process and to foster the application to avalanche forecasting.