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CR3.3/NH8.5 Media

Snow in ski resorts and snow avalanches: measuring and modelling (co-organized)
Convener: Florence Naaim-Bouvet  | Co-Conveners: Emma Surinach , Ulrich Strasser , Thierry Faug , Samuel Morin , Alexander Prokop , Thomas Grünewald , Mohamed NAAIM , Marc Pons 
 / Mon, 24 Apr, 10:30–12:00

This session addresses two components of the socio-economic impact of snow on the ground in mountainous regions, namely snow in ski resorts and snow avalanches.Regarding avalanches, the session is devoted to the latest results on the movement and effect of flowing snow and powder snow avalanches. Emphasis is placed on flow dynamics, experimental techniques and practical application of numerical models to predict avalanche run-out distances, flow velocities, interaction with structures and impact pressures for hazard assessment and mitigation. Regarding snow in ski resorts, the session provides a platform for the introduction of trans-disciplinary as well as specialized investigations on snow management practices such as snow grooming, snowmaking and snow farming. Emphasis is placed on various modelling methods that have been implemented aiming at representing the combined effects of natural and human-induced snow modifications, both for short-term (meteorological) and long-term (climate) time scales.