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Self-made sensors and unintended use of measurement equipment (poster-only session)
Convener: Rolf Hut  | Co-Conveners: Theresa Blume , John Selker 
 / Attendance Mon, 24 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Have you ever used a thermometer to measure length? Duct-taped together two sensors because that would give you something no commercial product could do? This session gives a stage for all the scientists that build their own measurement equipment, or use existing equipment in ways the designers never thought of. This is a poster-only session that focuses on demonstration and sharing of ideas: we would like to invite scientists from all the geoscientific divisions to submit abstracts on their novel measurement techniques, hoping to create an atmosphere where ideas and solutions can be shared across (sub)division boundaries.

This is a sister-session to the “Transformative Measurements to Understand the Geosphere: Zip-Ties, Arduinos, Novel Sensors, and Twitter” session that is organized at the AGU fall meeting. In the AGU session the focus is more on the financial constraint, where this session focuses more on the unintended and innovative techniques, i.e. innovative, but expensive, solutions are well-suited for this session.

This session is co-organised with the "Measurements and Observations in the XXI-century" (MOXXI) working group of the IAHS.

During this session there will be ample opportunity to demonstrate measurement equipment, so contributors are invited to bring their equipment.