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Earthquake ground-motion - Source, site and path effects
Convener: José Borges  | Co-Conveners: P. Martin Mai , Bento Caldeira , Mourad Bezzeghoud , Donat Fäh 
 / Tue, 25 Apr, 15:30–17:00
 / Attendance Tue, 25 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Realistic and robust ground motion estimation for future earthquakes is one of the most challenging problems in seismology and earthquake engineering. This topic includes source effects (e.g. rupture directivity, complex source dynamics), and propagation-dominated ground motion phenomena (including seismic energy channeling, scattering effects) due to complexity in Earth structure, and local site effects (basin resonance, liquefaction, topographic effects, nonlinearity, triggering of landslides and rock fall). The quantitative and reliable assessment of those phenomena is required for potential future events in a specific zone, for seismic hazard and seismic risk mitigation. This topic brings together earthquake seismologists and engineers. We solicit data-driven contributions, studies on empirical ground-motion prediction equations, as well as numerical simulations to this session.

Co-sponsored by EU-FP7-IRSES-MEDYNA.