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Promoting and supporting equality of opportunities in geosciences
Convener: Claudia Jesus-Rydin  | Co-Conveners: Katharine Cashman , Bárbara Ferreira , Mary Anne Holmes 
 / Fri, 28 Apr, 13:30–17:00
 / Attendance Fri, 28 Apr, 10:30–12:00

Following last year's success, this session will be exploring reasons for the existence of underrepresentation of different groups (cultural, national and gender) by welcoming a debate with scientists, decision-makers and policy analysts related to geosciences.

The session will be focusing on both remaining obstacles that contribute to underrepresentation and on best practices and innovative ideas to tackle obstacles. Contributions are solicited to address:

- Role models to inspire and further motivate others (life experience and/or their contribution to promote equality, etc.)
- Concrete examples of imbalance representation preferably supported by data (namely awards, grants, high-level positions, invited talks, etc.)
- Perceived barriers to various sorts of inclusion (personally, institutional, cultural, etc.);
- Best practices and successful strategies to overcome the barriers, including:
• mentoring programmes,
• networks that work,
• specific funding schemes,
• examples of host institutions initiatives
• etc.
- Recommendations to new and innovative strategies to further overcome barriers

This session is co-organised with the European Association of Geochemistry and the European Research Council.