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Show your best geoscience teaching innovation!
Convener: Adrian Gilli  | Co-Conveners: Wouter Marra , Gert Verstraeten 
 / Wed, 26 Apr, 10:30–12:00

Everybody has a different teaching style and uses different tools or techniques to make their course the best. Why not show your best examples from your teaching portfolio and encourage colleagues to improve their teaching style?

Teaching at universities is experiencing far-reaching changes including aspects like online education, virtual learning environment, apps and gamification, as well as novel approaches in a classic-style education like student-centered learning vs. the role of the teacher, problem-based methodologies, flipped classroom and many more. The large amounts of available teaching tools, techniques and opportunities can be overwhelming and we need a sense of what techniques are valuable and how they can be used effectively.

This PICO session aims to inspire and to stimulate the discussion about the way we teach geosciences by gathering examples of innovative teaching units. A teaching unit consists of one or multiple lessons, a field-course, excursion, etc., as long as it discusses a unifying theme. The teaching unit should be innovative in the way novel techniques are used or how the unit is taught in order to improve content delivery, assessment, how students are actively involved, how it fosters their extracurricular skills like critical thinking, working in teams and the ability to solve problems.