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Emerging pollutants and soil degradation: chemical behavior and biological approaches for soil restoration
Convener: Ali El-Keblawy  | Co-Conveners: Sergey Shabala , Concepcion Lopez Alados , David Fernández-Calviño , Remigio Paradelo Núñez , Claire-Sophie Haudin , Kareem A. Mosa 
 / Tue, 25 Apr, 10:30–12:15
 / Attendance Tue, 25 Apr, 17:30–19:00

An increasing number of synthetic products in the environment have impaired the function of soil microflora and vegetation. Nature can achieve a cost-effective restoration for many kinds of degraded lands. Above- and under-ground organisms have the potential to significantly improve the physical, chemical and biological qualities of the soils, which lead to significant restoration of degraded lands. Successful stories and challenges facing the increasing number of emerging pollutants in soils and advanced approaches for successful restoration of different types of degraded lands will be also discussed in this session