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DEMs, LEMs and PalaeoDEMs: latest developments in Geosciences
Convener: Jeroen M. Schoorl  | Co-Conveners: Becky Briant , John Wainwright 
 / Mon, 24 Apr, 13:30–15:00

We will focus on 2 important issues in Landscape Evolution Modelling:
1) Landscape evolution and soil-landscape dynamics in a 3D numerical model often provides loads of different outputs in complicated time series. Often these dynamic outputs have to be selected and presented one by one. In addition, they often are difficult to grasp in 2D images in articles and proceedings. Therefore we propose here to present your modelling case studies in a more interactive and moving way. So we are aiming for your short movies of model runs and changing landscapes, surrounded by your interactive explanation of modelling inputs, outputs and constraints.
2) One of the largest unknown variables in any soilscape or landscape evolution modelling study is the initial topography. To reconstruct your landscape – initial DEM - as it was thousands or more years ago, one needs to solve the erosion paradigm: how to put back something that is gone? Knowledge of quantities? Knowledge of process rates over time? This session will present the latest advances and ideas of reconstructing the landscape into input DEMs and show related uncertainties and examples of model sensitivity to this important input parameter: the palaoDEM.