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How my water research made the news
Convener: Stefanie Lutz  | Co-Conveners: Andrea Popp , Tim van Emmerik , Manuela Rios Gaona 
 / Wed, 26 Apr, 13:30–15:00

This session is co-organized by the Young Hydrologic Society (YHS),

Geoscientists are often asked about the topicality and societal relevance of their research. This particularly holds for hydrologists, whose research often touches upon current 'hot topics' such as climate change or safe drinking water. Hence, there are plenty of examples of hydrological research being featured in the media. The idea of this session is to give examples of links between specific research topics in hydrology and global questions or challenges that are frequently addressed in the media.

The invited speakers will (1) highlight connections between their research and current trending topics, (2) share their experiences in communicating scientific results in newspapers, on TV, etc., (3) share suggestions for writing or presenting in popular media, and/or (4) illustrate how to communicate sensitive research topics to the public.

This session is scheduled as PICO session, but oral presentations will be given for five minutes instead of the usual two minutes of standard PICO sessions. The oral presentations will be followed by an interactive discussion where presenters can let their creativity run wild: slides, posters, videos, games, music, etc. - almost everything is allowed and appreciated to back their story!

Public information: Current schedule with slots of 5 minutes for each presenter after the first introductory talk:
The tightrope between drawing media attention and exaggeration (solicited).
Hubert H.G. Savenije
Why and how I communicate on social and traditional media, and some mistakes along the way (solicited).
Tom Gleeson
CAWR: Two institutions join forces in a cluster by addressing the grand challenges of water research.
Greta Jaeckel and Mareike Braeckevelt
Research between conflicts of interest in a small German municipality.
Karin Meinikmann and Jörg Lewandowski
Engaging the public in hydrological observations – first experiences from the CrowdWater project (solicited).
Jan Seibert, Barbara Strobl, Simon Etter, Marc Vis, Tracy Ewen, and H.J. (Ilja) van Meerveld
When a drought event unfolds the question comes “Is this climate change?”
Kerstin Stahl
Hydrological extremes in the media: The 2015 drought event in Germany.
Matthias Zink, Luis Samaniego, Rohini Kumar, Stephan Thober, Juliane Mai, David Schäfer, and Andreas Marx
An early career researcher’s perspective on presenting flood risk research to the media (solicited).
Louise Slater
Controlled fires, politics, and the media.
Cathelijne Stoof, Nicholas Kettridge, Alan Gray, Davide Ascoli, Paulo Fernandes, Rob Marrs, Katherine Allen, Stephan Doerr, Gareth Clay, Julia McMorrow, Vidgis Vandvik, and Matt Davies
Revenge of the nerds. How Dungeons & Dragons prepared me for the current age of narrative driven media (solicited).
Rolf Hut
Interactive presentations at PICO screens