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Polar change and implications for mid-latitude weather – science and policy for society in Europe
Convener: Joseph Nolan  | Co-Convener: Renuka Badhe 
Thu, 27 Apr, 19:00–20:00

The linkages between mid-latitude extreme weather events and ongoing climate and environmental change in the polar regions are complex, and as yet not fully understood. Recent events, including major storms and record flooding, have had profound and often devastating impacts on individuals and communities throughout Europe. Evidence suggests such events are at least influenced by ongoing change observed in the Arctic, with the effect likely to intensify as future change accelerates. Interest in the issue among European policymakers and the public has thus rightly been heightened. Greater understanding of the issue and better cooperation between the science and policy communities is necessary for an effective response that will benefit European societies into the future.

This townhall meeting, organised by the European Polar Board, will explore the scientific understanding of polar change and mid-latitude weather interconnections, societal impacts, and how science and policy can together work to address the issue. The session will feature brief presentations by climate scientists on their research into the topic, followed by a panel discussion of how science, policy and society can work together to address the issue for the benefit of all of Europe.

Public information: Confirmed speakers: Peter Gibbs (Chair) – meteorologist and broadcaster, UK; Hilppa Gregow – Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), Finland; Len Shaffrey – University of Reading/National Centre for Atmospheric Science, UK; Julienne Stroeve – University College London (UCL), UK; Tina Swierczynski – European Climate Research Alliance (ECRA), Belgium