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Working at the science-policy interface – meet the experts
Convener: Sarah Connors 
Wed, 26 Apr, 13:30–15:00

cEnsuring decision makers are informed about scientific research is not only vital to creating policies based on evidence rather than opinion but also provides a way to increase the impact of scientists’ research.
Yet policy and science are two different worlds. They work on different timescales and use different languages. Bridging the gap between these two worlds is essential to creating effective evidence-based policy and this is why so-called ‘interface’ organisations exist that work as mediators to ensure effective science policy communication. They research policy-relevant science and ensure it is communicated to the correct policy officials. Many such organisations exist, including the European Commissions’ Joint Research Centre, the European Environment Agency, amongst many other private/public institutions.
This session will introduce some of the organisations that work within the science policy interface. It will cover how the scientific projects are chosen and conducted within these institutions, and how scientists are involved. The session will comprise a panel giving their experiences of working at the science-policy interface. A Q&A session and discussion will follow the presentations.
This session is open to all EGU scientific divisions for scientists at all stages of their career.
If you are interested in this session please also consider attending the ‘What is science policy and how can you communicate your research to policy officials?’ short course.

Public information: Presentations will be made by Panos Panagos (Research Scientific Officer at the European Commission's Joint Research Centre), Katja Rosenbohm (Head of Communications at the European Environment Agency), and Joseph Nolan (Policy Officer at the European Polar Board).