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Working group on analyses of ISIMIP2b cross-sectoral climate-impact simulations (by invitation only)
Conveners: Hannes Müller Schmied , Fang Zhao 
Fri, 28 Apr, 13:30–17:00

In this working group, participating modelling groups from the ISIMIP2b phase of the Inter-Sectoral Impact Model Intercomparison Project (, are invited to come together to discuss progress on analyses based on the most recent ISIMIP simulation data. The ISIMIP2b simulation scenarios are designed to facilitate the generation of cross-sectorally consistent, multi-model projections of climate-change impacts for low-emissions scenarios, covering impacts in the global & regional water sector, forests, biomes, coastal infrastructure, heat-related mortality, agriculture, tropical storms, fisheries, permafrost and energy supply & demand. In the context of the upcoming IPCC report on the imapcts of 1.5°C global warming, the analyses will focus on providing robust and comprehensive scientific input on this topic.