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SC34/NH10.2 ECS

Open-source software for simulating hillslope hydrology and stability (co-organized)
Convener: Luigi Lombardo  | Co-Conveners: Giuseppe Formetta , Francesco Serafin , Riccardo Rigon , Raffaele Albano 
Thu, 27 Apr, 10:30–12:00

Landslides are one of the most dangerous geohazards worldwide and constitute a serious menace for public safety leading to human and economic losses. The session consists in introducing, installing and executing the open-source software GEOtop 2.1 and GEOtop-FS on a case study. GEOtop 2.1 is a process-based model which is available at Pre-compiled versions of the model will be made available for the short course for Mac, Windows 10 and Linux. This version of GEOtop will be integrated in the OMS v3 to allow the use of the various tools developed for calibration and analysis. GEOtop-FS uses the theory described by Formetta et al. (2016) to estimate the hillslope stability. It is an open source product that will be made available at the GEOframe Github site ( Documentation and data will also be available through the GEOframe blog:, according to the standards of the site. For the s imulations, a small watershed in the Dolomites will be used. This catchments, known as Duron has been intensively investigated during a measurement campaign between years 2006-2013. The corresponding data will be shared and used in the simulations. Models and documentation will be distributed to the participants through a USB pendrive, but all the material will be available on-line as well.
In cooperation with NhET (Natural hazard Early career scientists Team).

--- Reference:

Formetta, G., Capparelli, G., David, O., Green, T., Rigon, R. (2016). Integration of a Three-Dimensional Process-Based Hydrological Model into the Object Modeling System. Water, 8(1), 12–15. ---