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The Legacy of Mountain Glaciations (by invitation only)
Convener: Stefan Winkler 
Wed, 26 Apr, 12:15–13:15

This meeting shall be an assembly of all intersted colleagues working on topics related to Mounati Glaciations to discuss future collaborative research initiatives. It is linked to an EGU session (GM 10.1).

Our group is aiming to evaluate the relative importance of different geomorphic and climatic processes in the evolution of mountain glacier records worldwide. We want to address the wide diversity of formerly and currently glaciated mountain ranges and the planned research initiative will focus on analyzing regional contrasts in the impact of climatic factors on the glacier mass balance and their effect on landforms, landscape evolution, and timings of maximum glaciation.

Despite not successful in the first attempt to establish an INQUA IFG, the good feedback and interest among collagues as encouraged us to meet at EGU with a high number of potential colleagues around and discuss the possibilities to either re-submit an improved proposal, or to develop different strategies (like an EU-funded COST project).

WE held a Splinter meeting at last EGU and that pushed our initiative definitely forward, thus we want to try the same again in 2017.