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A discussion about low velocity particle observation with linear acoustic array probe on deep ocean floor, for research at related stages of basin deformations and tsunami events.
Convener: Dursun Acar  | Co-Convener: Bedri Alpar 
Thu, 27 Apr, 19:00–20:00

After finishing probe development for more deep sea condition, it will help us to collect information about variety changes of physical deep bottom current properties in ocean due other global dynamics. Suspended or semi settled particle observations with linear array sonic probes helps to provide real time current data without problem of long time sensor biofoliation. These are current direction and it's velocity values of floating particles. Effects of tectonic-related slow oceanic shell deformation or sudden occurrences of deeper currents can lead to possible significant data.
Future target is build a international ocean net on pasific ocean aimed for hazard prevention (tsunami or eartquake ) due understanding low velocity ocean's bottom currents by the help of continous particle observation. The main aim of the subject is inform other scientists about our works and developments with perspective of linear array observation. Scientificly, we cannot give guarentee for exact prediction but we can look more closer to events with the other scientific disiplins.