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Global environmental observations under pressure - new responsibilities for Europe?
Convener: Ari Asmi 
Thu, 27 Apr, 19:00–20:00

Environmental challenges do not obey borders. Earth Observations and monitoring of environmental changes are indispensable regardless of political priorities. Regardless, the need observation programs have recently been questioned in some countries. Traditionally strong centres for environmental observations are planning radical cuts in their environmental research budgets. Publicly funded governmental observations seem to be first in line for the chopping block. The impact of that on global cooperation and coverage of Earth Observations is currently unpredictable. This session discusses urgent questions on how European and other regional networks as well as global organisations can (1) support their colleagues under pressure and (2) take the leadership in order to minimise damage on our understanding of the Earth system and global environmental changes.

This session invites key European, US and global researchers, science policy experts and research infrastructure representatives to discuss what to do.