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Opinion papers in hydrology: Why and how (co-organized)
Convener: Anna Solcerova  | Co-Conveners: Laurène Bouaziz , Boran Ekin Aydin , Tim van Emmerik 
Tue, 25 Apr, 10:30–12:00

Opinion and commentary papers make up an important part of hydrologic literature, and have a significant impact on our current and future science. These contributions often entail innovative ideas, modeling concepts, criticism on current practice, or pave the way for future developments. For example, recent opinion papers discussed how we should teach hydrology, highlighted the importance of fieldwork, proposed the way forward on model design and evaluation, and set the scientific agenda. Opinion and commentary articles are generally written in a more personal, humoristic, and sometimes even anecdotal fashion. Partly because of this, authors sometimes make a lasting change in their respective community.

This short course aims to empower all participants to start sharing their scientific opinions. Two opinion paper experts will present their vision on why you should do this, how you should do this, and where you should do this. At the end of this session you will know what makes an opinion great, controversial, and fun to read.

Speakers will be announced when confirmed.

This session is co-organized by the Young Hydrologic Society (

Public information: Confirmed speakers are: Bettina Schaefli, Vazken Andréassian, and Hubert Savenije.