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Open Science Clinique: winning grant proposals with Open Science
Convener: Ivo Grigorov  | Co-Conveners: Martin Donnelly , Nancy Pontika 
Thu, 27 Apr, 08:30–12:00

Open Science is funder priority but also can provide additional impact to research projects, as well as a competitive edge at grant proposal evaluation, especially in highly competitive grants like Marie Curie.

The proposed "clinique" would offer individual consultations based on attendees own draft proposals to specific agencies.

Attendees will need to book a 30 min slot for individual, confidential advice on integrating Open Science in all parts of a research proposal to optimise favourable evaluation.

Attendees will have to present a 3min pitch of their research idea, and answer the questions "why should society care?" and "what are the main tangible outputs" based on which they will be advised for the remaining 27 min.

The "clinique" is based on 2 yrs experiment with "Winning Horizon 2020 with Open Science" brief produced by FP7 FOSTER ( and tested with Marie Curie Innovative Training Networks and Societal Challenge proposals.

Attendees will receive advice based on concrete and specific EC Evaluation Summary Reports of previous proposals with respect to Open Science contribution to proposal Impact.

The Short Course can take place on two separate half days to optimise on word-of-mouth promotion and engagement.

Public information: Booking System for Open Science Clinique is here:

The Wednesday 26th Apr session is WRONGLY ANNOUNCED. Please book a slot for Thu 27th Apr, or contact me with specific requests (