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Finding funding for your science film
Convener: Laura Roberts Artal  | Co-Conveners: Dan Brinkhuis , Saskia Medlener 
Wed, 26 Apr, 10:30–12:00

Film is a great way to meet the demands for public engagement and broader impacts in science; engaging videos help to educate the public on the important strides made in the geosciences with each piece of research. However, it's no mystery that funding such projects, especially ones that will actually attract an audience (a.k.a. a high number of "likes"), can pose a challenge to the science community.

In this short course, Dan Brinkhuis and Saskia Madlener (professional outreach and science filmmakers, of will take you through three different outreach video projects and funding scenarios of varying qualities and their associated costs. Each scenario has its own funding bracket and level of involvement from the professional filmmakers themselves - whether that means documenting a 2-month long field season or receiving existing footage from disparate sources to compile a compelling visual story about the research, or trying something completely bold and new altogether!

Additionally, they will give insights on whether the investments paid off by assessing the success of each film in terms of how many views, likes, or even awards they garnered, or how much publicity they generated. views, likes, awards, publicity they generated.

This short course is open to scientists at all career stages who are interested in learning about ways they can make their research accessible to broad audiences.