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Perform a multifractal analysis on your own data (co-organized)
Convener: Auguste Gires  | Co-Convener: Yacine Mezemate 
Thu, 27 Apr, 17:30–19:00

Spectral analysis (in Fourier space) enables to extract some information from the data: scaling features, involved processes, periodicity…etc. However, for a complete characterization of the statistical behaviour of the studied field, we need to go beyond the second order statistical moment. To this end, the Multifractal framework is a good candidate.

Wandering what multifractal analysis is and how it can help you in your research work? You should attend this short course to get a theoretical overview and analyse your own data through an interactive tutorial!
More precisely, this short course will consist in:
(i) A theoretical overview of multifractals. They have been widely used to analyse and simulate geophysical fields extremely variable over wide range of spatio-temporal scales. They are based on the concepts of scale invariance and multiplicative cascades.
The specific parsimonious framework of Universal Multifractals which relies on only two three parameters with physical meaning will be addressed in details. We will show how to deal with both conservative and non-conservative quantities.
(ii) An interactive practical tutorial in Python to analyse your own data. Analysis scripts and guidance for implementation will be provided. Bring your own data either time series or 2D fields in text format!

Please contact or to register.