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Successful strategies to design, develop and write a scientific paper
Conveners: Lena Noack , Sam Illingworth  | Co-Conveners: Nanna Bjørnholt Karlsson , Clara Burgard , Céline Heuzé 
Wed, 26 Apr, 17:30–19:00

This short course will give an overview of how to design, develop and write a scientific paper.


The first encounter with the review process can be a disheartening experience: Laborious, time-consuming and unfulfilling. Unfortunately, there is no way around it: if you want a career in research, you need to publish in peer-reviewed journals. This means responding to reviews of your own work and reviewing the work of other scientists. In this short course you will get the chance to learn how to navigate the review process.

Panel members Julienne Stroeve (Senior Research Scientist, NSIDC, USA), Benjamin Rabe (Researcher, AWI, Germany), Tom Coulthard (Professor of Physical Geography, University of Hull, UK) and Paul Cumine (Publisher, Geophysics and Oil & Gas Journals, Elsevier Ltd., UK) discuss their experiences, tips and tricks as authors, reviewers, editors, and publishers.

The floor is open for questions such as “How do I respond to a review in the best way?”, “What should I do if I strongly disagree with a reviewer?”, “How do I write a good and fair review?”, “What is the role of the editor?”, and many more. The course is aimed at new researchers who want to know where to begin but those with a few publications under their belts are also welcome.


17:30 Introduction from Céline Heuzé - Moderated by Sam Illingworth (SI)
17:40 Benjamin Rabe – What I look for as a reviewer - Moderated by SI
17:50 Julienne Stroeve – What I look for as an editor - Moderated by SI
18:00 Tom Coulthard– What I look for as an editor - Moderated by SI
18:10 Paul Cumine - What I look for as a publisher - Moderated by SI
18:20 Panel Discussion – Chaired by Nanna Karlsson
18:40 Q&A from the floor – Chaired by Clara Burgard