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COOP+ Splinter meeting on Global Challenges (public)
Convener: Ulpu Leijala 
Wed, 26 Apr, 08:30–10:00

Human impact on the planet is causing a set of global environmental problems that threaten the wellbeing of current and future generations. These environmental Global Challenges (GCs) are transnational and complex, combining elements of both natural and social factors. Providing solutions for these challenges can be significantly enhanced through the collaboration of various related institutions, governments and stakeholders.

The COOP+ project aims to explore and strengthen cooperation among global RIs by bringing various RIs together and working on the identification of requirements, strengths, knowledge gaps and other relevant items in regard to the selected GCs. For this purpose, 13 GCs have been selected: coral bleaching, marine debris, noise impact on marine fauna, Arctic sea ice melting, pollinators decline, threatened species, agriculture pollutants, nitrogen cycle, carbon and GHG, geohazards and extreme events, estuaries, global urbanization process, and ozone depletion. These GCs are being analysed and described by multidisciplinary teams of experts composed of scientists, RIs operators and other stakeholders within COOP+.

During this splinter meeting we will review the status of the description process for all selected GCs. We will also discuss the next steps to be done in order to publish all the obtained results in a special issue of a Earth Science Journal. The meeting is open to researchers interested in Research Infrastructures as well as in Global Environmental Challenges.