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NextGEOSS: the next generation Earth observation data hub (public)
Convener: Bente Lilja Bye 
Thu, 27 Apr, 10:30–12:00

The NextGEOSS project and team will increase global access to earth observations by delivering the next generation data hub and Earth Observation exploitation system for innovation & business, engaging communities promoting innovative GEOSS powered applications, and advocating GEOSS as a sustainable European approach for Earth Observation data distribution and exploitation.

Scientists with an interest in and need for Earth observations are welcome to learn about the NextGEOSS project who is looking for pilot project that the project team can work with to increase discoverability, accessability and usability of data.

In this meeting a short introduction to the NextGEOSS concept will be given. Scientists are invited to present (5 min) ideas, visions, and research activities that would benefit from better and faster ways of finding, access, and use Earth observations.